Photography Course Online – Choose the Right Lens For Your Situation!

Most photographers consider their lens to be their most critical piece of equipment. It is used for vital aspects of taking an excellent photo. These include focusing on the subject, the amount of scene captured and delivering light to the camera’s sensor. With so much dependent on the lens, choosing the right one for the type of picture you are going to take is crucial if you want your final image to be the best it can be. Lenses are typically divided into groups, depending on the field of view they deliver. If you are following a photography course online, it helps to know which lens to use for each situation, or assignment.

Wide-angle lenses cover a field of view ranging from around 110 degrees to 60 degrees. You can get some distortion when using extremely wide-angle lenses, noticeable around the edges of the frame. Any lens of 35mm or smaller would be considered wide-angled. Wide-angle lenses normally display a large depth of field, which keeps the foreground and background in focus. This is ideal for landscape photography. They also work well indoors, if space is tight, as the lens will be able to capture more of the scene. Wide-angles work well for shots of large groups, but would not be recommended for close-up portraits.

A normal lens has a field of view of about 45 degrees – roughly the same as the human eye. The normal lens for full-frame or 35mm cameras is 50mm. Normal lenses are ideal for photographing people, architecture – in fact, most general needs of a photography course online. There is minimum distortion and mid-range depth of field.

Longer focal range lenses are referred to as telephoto. They vary in length from 135mm to 800mm plus. Their field of view is 35mm or under. These lenses allow you to capture distant objects in detail, although the angle of view is reduced to the magnification of the scene. You will achieve a much narrower depth of field. Telephotos are useful for sports photography, or for a situation where you need to get up close to your subject.

A zoom lens can be a fine compromise, saving the need to carry a collection of fixed focal length lenses (also known as prime lenses). They cover a wide range of lenses, because of the configuration of their optics. This configuration can compromise the image sharpness as the light has to pass through more glass before reaching the image sensor. However, this can be hardly noticeable to the naked eye. Zoom lenses also typically have smaller maximum apertures than prime lenses. This influences the amount of depth of field possible in low-light settings – although many zooms have ‘image stabilisation’ built in to counter this.

A Digital SLR will normally be available to purchase with a kit lens – the most popular include 28-135mm, 17-85mm and 18-200mm. I currently use a Canon50D SLR, and although I have a range of prime lenses, I find the 18-200mm covers the majority of situations. I found this particularly helpful when I was on the move carrying out my own photography course online assignments, negating the need to carry around a whole array of lenses.

Online Photography Degree Education

There are various online schools and educational programs available that offer students the opportunity to receive an education in the field of photography. Photography professionals are trained to work with a variety of individuals in a number of settings based on the industry and specialty they choose. Students who enroll in an online photography program will learn various techniques for capturing still images using special equipment. With the proper education students will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a professional in the field of photography. Students have the opportunity to earn an associate’s, bachelors, or master’s degree online from the comfort of their own home.

Obtaining an associates degree in the field of photography typically takes around nine months for students to finish training with an online educational program. Students will have the chance to study various coursework such as:

photography equipment
design and composition
and other related techniques. Online training from an accredited school or college allows students to obtain the skills needed to find employment as:
forensic photographers
portrait photographers
fashion photographers
and other photography professionals. With an associates degree in photography students will be able to further their education and pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field if they desire.
There are a number of accredited online schools and colleges that provide students with the opportunity to earn a bachelors degree in photography. Students can gain an education at this level with one to two years of study depending on their career goals. Career opportunities for those who choose to train for a bachelor’s degree in photography can include:

commercial photographer
and more. With an online degree program students will be able to study a variety of courses like:
digital imaging
and much more. An accredited online bachelor’s degree allows students to be prepared for entering the workforce or a master’s degree program.
Students who are looking to acquire a master’s degree in photography can complete the program in around two years or less. Students can study various online coursework in areas like:

fine art photography
field techniques
studio photography
stock photography
and more depending on their desired career. Students who earn a masters degree will have the knowledge to pursue a number of career options in areas like:
documentary photography
action photography
underwater photography
and much more. Online master’s degree training can be completed online at the students’ leisure. With a masters degree students will have acquired all the necessary training to enter the workforce prepared.
Students who wish to study in order to become professional photographers need to be determined, and committed to the program they enter. Accredited online educational options are plentiful, allowing those who desire a career in this field to obtain the education needed. Accreditation is provided by agencies like National Association of Schools of Art and Design ( to programs that can offer a quality education. Students can pursue careers in a variety of areas whether they hold an associates, bachelors, or masters degree in the field. By contacting schools and colleges students can prepare for the exciting new career as a professional photographer.

Important Advice Before You Kick Off Your Online Photography Degree Studies

Photography is one of the most interesting and fascinating forms of art, and an online photography degree has real, positive benefits to be gained such as the ability to enhance your skills and to learn many new methods to get the best images.

Essentially, if your art form is photography then you will enjoy a degree in the photographic field. You will gain an advantage over the amateur photographer as in your online photography degree studies you will formally learn specifics such as:

Lighting Technique
Camera Dynamics
Subject Placement
Lens use
Zoom techniques
Developing and Digital Manipulation
Each of these different aspects of your online photography degree course will help you to amplify your talent faster, and to take better and more professional photos. And it’s really every photographer’s goal to do that!

One of the Prerequisites

There are a few difficulties involved in online courses for photography degree students. If you are using film to shoot, it’s often easier to work in a school setting where there will be a laboratory that provides you the means to develop your own images. If you have this capacity at home, you’re not going to miss it, but if you do not, it may be in your best interests to cultivate a friendship with a photography studio during your courses in order to learn some hands-on techniques.

Fast-moving medium

The digital medium in photography is far more common these days however. Photographic technology has undergone massive leaps and bounds in just the very recent past. You will learn in your new online photography degree courses all about the latest in photographic equipment, how to process your digital, and film shot, photos as well as about theories of color and placement.

Your schooling will also help you to learn about portfolios and how to put one together to promote your work for photography jobs. Online photography degree studies can give you an incredible edge over the rest of the working world, whether you elect to work in photography or to use it to enhance a career in journalism or news media.

Among the online photography degree courses that you may choose, there are several which stand out from the others. They offer courses in darkroom work, even though you will be studying from home – this in turn will help you to learn more about the techniques you will need in day-to-day photography as well as methods to enhance your photo development.

The best online photography courses are offered by accredited colleges and online institutions. It is absolutely imperative that you take the time to assure that your online photography degree courses and any other type of course that you will take in an online degree seeking capacity are from accredited colleges.

In summary, ask questions and assure yourself of the viability of the school that you will attend online. Any quality online college or university will be pleased to answer your questions for you. Discover more about studying an arts degree online so you can make an informed study decision – read more about our website, directly below.

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Online Photography Degree – A Useful Instruction Manual to a Lucrative Career

Are you interested in an online photography degree? If you are, then you will discover that this is an emerging field. It is not necessary to get a degree in photography to become an aspiring photographer. However, having a degree does provide you with a quite a lot of lucrative benefits. These provide students with detailed instruction when it comes to using different cameras. Along with learning about equipment, students also learn useful techniques for taking professional quality pictures. It is possible to earn these degrees as a full-time or a part-time student. Having this flexibility will help you to achieve your goals of becoming a photographer.

Duties and Responsibilities

Photographers use their skills and talents to capture the scenes around them. Some photographers work primarily with still objects. Others prefer to work with moving objects. This is one of the reasons that an online photography degree is helpful. Online programs teach students to use traditional cameras, digital cameras, and film cameras. Professional photographers are hired to take pictures for a variety of evens. Their duties are to take photos that are clear, concise, and that display talent. Here are some of the duties that fit into this category:

Loading film in classic cameras
Maintaining and securing camera parts
Developing film
Capturing indoor and outdoor settings
Providing natural and artificial light components
Producing and providing pictures of specific events
Choosing the right school

When you decide to get an online photography degree, you will need to look for the right school. Good schools that offer these programs tend to have more than one option. You can choose a program that teaches the specifics of one type of photography. Diverse programs that focus on multiple cameras are best. This will provide you with more options when it comes to finding work as a photographer. Most of these degrees are listed under the topic of Media Programs. It is possible to earn an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in photography.

Job outlook

The talent involved with the field of photography is what attracts many people to it. Although there are technical skills involved with photography, talent is paramount. Getting a degree in this field will provide you with many options. You will be able to work privately as a photographer. Work here will include specific events like weddings and parties. You may also opt to work in the mainstream. There are national and international jobs for photographers in many industries. Let’s take a look at some of the job opportunities that photographers may pursue.

Event Photographer
Newspaper Photographer
Artistic Photographer
Television Photographer
Nancy Martinez is your guide to Online Degree Courses.

Online Photography Degree Programs – Surpass The Competition

Photographers currently hold over 150,000 jobs. Many of them are extremely talented individuals who have no formal training. But in a field that is getting increasingly competitive, more and more aspiring photographers are doing online photography degree programs.

Whilst there are no replacements for artistic talent, creativity and good hand-to-eye coordination, these degree programs offer curricula that can give you the edge in your pursuit of a professional photography career.

Example of courses offered include:

* Advanced Digital Imaging

* Art of Web Designing

* Color Photography

* Computer Imaging

* Intermediate Photography

* Photojournalism

You see, with digital technology getting more affordable, more and more amateur photographers are “throwing their hats in the ring”. This is why it is so important to consider doing an online photography degree. After graduation, you’ll be able to offer client creativity and skills that not all working photographers have.

Also, bear in mind that this degree program can open up more job opportunities for you. Sure, just over 50% of photographers are self-employed. But there are also excellent opportunities elsewhere. Both online and print journals, newspapers and magazines hire skilled photographers – many of whom have degrees.

Having a degree in this area will make you very attractive to these employers. Another great thing about an online photography degree program is that you’ll be able to complete the program in your spare-time and at your own pace. So whilst you are working and gaining valuable experience, you can be improving your education.

This is a very powerful benefit because many students have to choose between keeping their jobs and going to college – but you won’t have that dilemma.

The growth in employment opportunities for photographers over the next decade is not that strong. So if this is a field you really are passionate about – do yourself a favor and get additional training. Your only problem might be trying to locate the top schools that offer online photography degree programs.